Facebook &



The Benefits:


Build Your Brand Awareness


Market To Highly Targeted Audiences


Establish Yourself Or Your Business As An Authority In Your Niche


Stay In Front Of People Who Have Already Shown Interest

What is our process?

Research Ideal Client and Develop a Strategy

Getting an initial understanding of your ideal client and developing a strategy allows us to establish a baseline. As we move forward we can see if results are as expected or if we need to re-evaluate and make changes to the strategy.

Test Audience Targeting, Creatives, and Copy

We drive most of our attention to testing your audience targeting in the beginning stages because if you can find the right people to put your product or service in front of, they will respond even better when we test different creatives and copy.

Develop and Optimize Campaigns

As we gather more results and data, we will develop a stronger understanding of the best targeting methods and the types of ads that people respond to. At this point, we will fine-tune your campaigns to maximize your cost per results.



In the digital marketing world, tools and platforms are changing every single day, but at this moment in time Facebook and Instagram are two of the biggest social media platforms in the world. Many of your potential clients are most likely on one of these platforms. These platforms can be a great opportunity for increasing sales, but they are also very important to building your overall visibility and brand. 

Get in contact with us today to start talking about how we can design a quote around all of your needs for growing your brand and business on two of the best social media marketing platforms at the moment.

What Others are saying

“Henry has a great approach to digital marketing. He doesn’t want to overcomplicate anything so he keeps the objectives simple and builds off of results step by step.”

~ Tim Larkin - Leader in Self-Defense Training, CEO & Founder of Target Focus Training and Machine Guns Vegas

“I think he has a phenomenal skill at helping you find your voice through your marketing and most importantly, getting inside the heads of your clients so that you can best serve them.”

~ Brian Scrone - Author, Speaker, Owner and Founder of Brian Scrone

“Henry also automated several functions of our business that has allowed for substantial growth, lead generations, trackability, and ease of team member training.”

~ Tamara Linnan - Author, Serial Entrepreneur, and Consultant

“Henry is a smart guy. I wasn’t sure about what next steps I should take in my digital marketing and I’m glad that I had his expertise available to help steer me in the right direction.”

~ Daniel Kowal - 2020 U.S. Congress Candidate

“My social media fingerprint was great & very insightful. I highly recommend doing the social media fingerprint to understand from a third party how your brand is perceived and if it's consistent from your client's perspective.

~ Petronella Lugemwa - CEO of Petronella Photography

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