Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Facebook and Instagram are two of the biggest connection platforms in the world with incredible tools that allow you to put your business and products in front of highly targeted individuals. While many businesses look at it as an opportunity to increase sales, Facebook and Instagram advertising is also very important to building your overall visibility and brand. 

If you want to go “all-out” with professional video editing and graphic design or you already have content but still need someone to manage your campaigns, keep your audiences up to date, and take care of controlled testing, we can design a quote around all of your needs.

Chatbots are not there to eliminate human interaction entirely, but they are there to help make it more effective. 

When you are dealing with high volumes of traffic and want to be able to direct them to the right place 24/7 or filter out the wrong clientele, chatbots are a great tool that can help you do that. With a well set up chatbot, when you eventually talk with a potential client, they are much more likely to get involved because some of their questions and qualifications as a client have been addressed with the help of your chatbot.

We can set up a foundational chatbot to avoid monthly subscription fees or we can set up a more advanced chatbot using pro subscription features depending on your needs.


Social Media Fingerprint

For many, creating a few social media accounts is good enough. If those accounts don’t maintain brand continuity and aren’t tied into your whole digital ecosystem, there will be small holes that viewers can slip through and then forget about you. 

The foundational goal with implementing social media is to be easy to find and consistent across the board. Our Social Media Fingerprint will analyze all of your social media accounts for brand continuity, all of the little nuances that are often overlooked, and their overall incorporation with your business. 

If you want to know that your social foundation is set, this will give you that peace of mind moving forward.

What Others are saying

“Henry has a great approach to digital marketing. He doesn’t want to overcomplicate anything so he keeps the objectives simple and builds off of results step by step.”

~ Tim Larkin - Leader in Self-Defense Training, CEO & Founder of Target Focus Training and Machine Guns Vegas

“I think he has a phenomenal skill at helping you find your voice through your marketing and most importantly, getting inside the heads of your clients so that you can best serve them.”

~ Brian Scrone - Author, Speaker, Owner and Founder of Brian Scrone

“Henry also automated several functions of our business that has allowed for substantial growth, lead generations, trackability, and ease of team member training.”

~ Tamara Linnan - Author, Serial Entrepreneur, and Consultant

“Henry is a smart guy. I wasn’t sure about what next steps I should take in my digital marketing and I’m glad that I had his expertise available to help steer me in the right direction.”

~ Daniel Kowal - 2020 U.S. Congress Candidate

“My social media fingerprint was great & very insightful. I highly recommend doing the social media fingerprint to understand from a third party how your brand is perceived and if it's consistent from your client's perspective.

~ Petronella Lugemwa - CEO of Petronella Photography

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